My Approach

Whatever I’m doing, I’m trying my best to enjoy the process. Often this is creating things or content for myself and others, usually as video.

I very strongly believe that everyone in the world is at their best when they are constructing instead of deconstructing, whether that is through fine art, pop culture, charity or telling someone that they look nice today.

Adam Savage, Aldous Huxley and Carl Jung have been a huge influence on my approach to learning, making and persisting. Through a few of their mantras I remind myself to stay creative even in the smallest way and to take it all in as I go.


All work is carried out through Loop Films where we help businesses create a clearer message through video.



You can see my personal work portfolio as a shooting-director/lighting-cameraman over at dancoffeyvisuals.com including work for Hyundai, Vodafone,  Love My Course and more.

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